Everything or nothing?

26 Oct


The Museum of Everything

The Museum of Everything


Class assignment #1 is a ‘Exhibition analysis’:

Analyse an exhibition or part of an exhibition of your choosing. You may write about exhibitions outside museums, for instance in a historic house. Rather than concentrating upon the content of the exhibition, examine how it is framed. Consider the ways that displays, exhibitions and institutions have been analysed in your seminars and set reading. You are not required to cover all aspects or possible interpretations of an exhibition but to select an appropriate focus or theme.

Exhibition of choice is The Museum of Everything’s ‘Exhibition #3’ curated by Peter Blake.

Avenues of exploration:

  • James Brett’s fervid disavowal of the term ‘outsider art’
  • The relationship between ‘folk art’ and ‘outsider art’ in Exhibition#3
  • The place of Exhibitions’ #1 and #3 in the history of outsider art exhibition in the UK since the 1979 Outsiders exhibition at the Hayward, including exhibitions at the Tate, Pallant House, the Koestler awards and possibly Kinetica.
  • The relationship of outsider art to collecting, particularly by patrons ‘inside’ the art world.
  • The role of Peter Blake’s studio collection as a working artist’s inspiration, and the historical relationship of artist to museums.
  • The contradiction of an ‘outsider’ art exhibition so tightly integrated with the ‘insider’ art world phenomenon of the Frieze Art Fair.

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