Papers & presentations

Recent papers, presentations and writings about museums, digital media and games. Links to full texts/downloads are given where possible.

Papers, chapters and journal articles

‘Creating magic on mobile’ [forthcoming], in proceedings of Electronic Visualisation and the Arts, London, July 2013 (with Alex Butterworth and Martha Henson)

‘Using web games to engage new audiences’, in Journal of Digital Media Management, Volume 1, Number 4, 2013 (with Martha Henson)

Curating the Digital World: Past Preconceptions, Present Problems, Possible Futures‘, in proceedings of Museums and the Web, Portland, April 2013 (with Susan Cairns).

The Brain as Game’, in proceedings of Electronic Visualisation and the Arts, London, July 2012 (with Martha Henson)

Levelling Up: Towards Best Practice in Evaluating Museum Games’, in proceedings of Museums and the Web, San Diego, April 2012 (with Alexandra Burch, Daniel Evans, Kate Haley Goldman and Martha Henson).

‘Things’: a case study in getting from accession to online display in 60 minutes’, in proceedings of Electronic Visualisation and the Arts, London, July 2011.

‘A New Audience Through Games’ in Museums At Play: Games, Interaction and Learning (ed. Katy Beale, MuseumsEtc, 2011) (with Martha Henson)

Journalism & other writing

Wellcome Collection’s guide to ‘Brains’’ in Big Picture: Inside the Brain, Spring 2013

Games are good for public engagement’, in People & Science, December 2012 (with Martha Henson)

Game Play 2: Gaming the brain’, in Museum iD Issue 11, 2012 (with Martha Henson)

In Conversation with Danny Birchall & Martha Henson’, Imperica, July 2012

Life Online’ [£], in Museums Journal, June 2012

Game Play: how to develop engaging games for a discerning audience’, in Museum iD Issue 10, 2012 (with Martha Henson)

High Tea Evaluation Report, August 2011 (with Martha Henson)

On My Bookshelf’ [£], in Museums Journal, June 2011

Museums Need More Compelling Games’ in Wellcome News, March 2011 (with Martha Henson)

Conference/workshop presentations

Game on and be playful: Creating games and digital toys for your museum‘, half-day workshop at Museums and the Web, April 2013 (with Sharna Jackson)

‘Why wrap the Freud Museum in ropes made of doll’s hair?’ at Museums Showoff, London, January 2013

‘Case Study: Mobile Gaming’ at Mobile Culture 2, London, July 2012

‘The Brain as Game’ at Between: embodiment in science teaching, embodiment in science interdisciplinary workshop, King’s College London, June 2012 (with Martha Henson)

Talk on Wellcome Collection games to Augmented Reality & Developing Engaging Games for Museums study day, London, April 2012 (with Martha Henson)

Gaming the Museum’, mini-workshop at Museums and the Web, Philadelphia, April 2011 (with Martha Henson)

‘Things’, open mic slot at UK Museums on the Web, London, December 2010


‘What can games offer science and society?’ at ExPlay 2012, Bath, November 2012 [a short report of the panel in Edge Online]

‘Using Games to Enhance Engagement – vital lessons learnt from museums’ at Games for Brands, October 2011

Gaming talk table at Let’s Get Real, Bath, August 2011

Film Screenings

Screening the Museum, 29 June 2012, Birkbeck College, University of London [more about this event]


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